SAC Shooting    
SAC Shooting - Shooting Geese


The goose shooting season is from 1st October through to 31st January. Morning decoying is done over stubble with a number of decoys placed in the field before daybreak. Hopefully, as day dawns, the skeins of geese will leave their overnight roosting and come in to the fields to feed. As with any wild bird, there is no guarantee. SAC Shooting limits the bag per shoot to 6 or 7 birds (max)per gun, quite sufficient for the normal shooter. This leaves sufficient birds for other customers. There are those who shoot for the sake of killing, SAC Shooting does not operate this policy. As the season progresses, the geese get more cautious, having been shot at before and the slightest sparkle from a decoy, gun or other piece of equipment will scare them off.

It is a wonderful sight to behold, when the first of the geese arrive in the middle of
September onwards. Having travelled from their summer breeding grounds, they “fumble” from the sky and hit the waters below. There are large numbers of geese over wintering in this area.

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